A Bright Day on Brick Lane

Summer is here, which means overpriced holidays and long flights filled with hordes of screaming children. But never fear, across the UK a variety of festivals and events will be taking place, inspired by different cultures and societies to help inspire your cultural curiosity and save your bank account, like the gay pride parade in London or the Mela festival in Birmingham. As well as places you may not know exist, right on your doorstep.

Making jewellery

If you want to see a place that embodies the true nature of the London spirit then take a trip to Brick Lane. Known for it’s quirky fashion, talented musicians and delicious street food from all over the world.

A cool guitar

Wander around market stools like you’ve never seen before, where you will browse delicious cakes and deranged looking gimps masks, while market stool vendors use their loudest voice to entice you to their goods with budget deals and witty catch phrases.

The young couple

But once you tire of loud market stools and colourful people, then take a stroll around see of the back streets around Brick Lane and you will find controversial street art painted on corner buildings.

Street art and phone

But Brick Lane is more than just colourful a mix of personalities and strange fashion stores. It has a long history of cultural diversity. During the 15th to 18th century waves of French Huguenot immigrants came to the area, bringing with them a range of skills. Soon it became a hub for tailoring, weaving and clothing.

Fruity street vendor

Later in the 19th and 20th century Irish, Jewish and Bengali immigrants came to the area, bringing with them a range of food, cultures and creating the area we all know and love today.

Let them eat brioche

To get to Brick Lane take the underground to Liverpool Street or the overground to Shoreditch High Street, from there it’s just a short walk.

Cutting coconuts

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