Local of the week: Mickie Holiday

There are those you meet on the road who stick in your heart long after you leave. It can be someone you meet on a night out, where the drinks flow all night in a grubby bar near your hostel or a brief conversation with someone you met while taking in the wonders of a new place, but sometimes there are those much closer to home with a life you never imagined possible.

Local of the week Mickie Holiday

During a photo shoot, I met one of the most interesting people imaginable and she lives just a stones throw from my home. Her name is Mickie Holiday, and not only has she had a lustrous career in the music industry as a dancer, actor, musician, and model, but she had a close friendship with singer/songwriter Gary Numan, as well as a host of other famous people. Her Father was a professional musician, her mother a dancer and her Great Uncle a famous clown. She’s a strong advocate for animal rights in the community, and she has achieved all this without ever having attended stage school.

Local of the week Mickie Holiday

“I was a bit of a rebel when I was younger,” laughs Mickie. “I started dancing in nightclubs when I was 14. I was there when one of them opened. My friends told the club owner what a good dancer I was and even though they already had an opening act, they changed their mind and I was the performer they chose. Of course, they didn’t know I was underage.”

Local of the week Mickie Holiday

As time progressed so did her many talents. She took every opportunity handed to her, no matter how unlikely the chance of success. “I remember I auditioned for a part in a jeans advert,” continues Mickie. “I turned up and there were all these beautiful models. They were tall, with long, flowing hair and professional portfolios. Then short arse me walks in with a skinhead and they chose me. Apparently, I had the right shaped bum for the part.”

Even though the fame game has changed significantly since Mickie first started her career, she is still optimistic that with the right amount of passion and hard work anyone can make it. “There are things I would like to do again,” she adds. “particularly in the acting world, if I could play an old hag in a play, or some crazy character like that, it’d be so much fun.

Local of the week Mickie Holiday

“I think if I could offer one piece of advice to anyone trying to make it in this game, don’t worry what people think unless they pay your rent.”

Mickie Holiday is one of the greatest characters I have met and she’s living proof that the most interesting people are closer than you think.

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