A trip back in time in Gothenburg’s oldest district, Haga

Gothenburg may be a city known for its peaceful charm, but nestled amongst wooded walkways, looming churches, and sleepy city streets is the bustling district of Haga, one of the oldest parts of Gothenburg.

Exploring Haga is akin to taking a step back in time, the streets are lined with vintage, wooden houses, built on a cobbled path. As you explore Gothenburg’s oldest district, it’s easy to imagine horse-drawn carriages rattling along cobbled pathways, while men in top hats and women in bonnets rush up and the street. But, much has changed and in present day Haga, you’ll find people rifling through unique pieces of clothing in boutique stores or indulging in a warm cup if coffee on a cold, in one of Haga’s many coffee shops.

Old Haga

Haga was originally founded in the 17th century by Queen Kristina, who reigned as Queen of Sweden in the 1600s. Originally the district was considered to be working class and had a poor reputation, with many residents living in poverty. But, time marches on and over the years Haga managed to change its standing in society, during the 60s and 70s self-proclaimed hippies would flock to the region. However, none of this represents modern-day Haga, which is a popular place for tourists and locals to spend their lazy Sunday afternoons in the sunshine.

So, if Haga sounds like your kind of place then it’s advisable to book your ticket sooner, rather than later. Christmas is fast approaching and around this time shopkeepers will be preparing festive market stools, as each year Haga Nygata becomes one huge marketplace, people come from all over the world come to enjoy the festive marketplace (although be prepared it can get very busy). Haga is the perfect place to indulge in the festive spirit and maybe bring a few Swedish gifts back for loved ones.

Coffee in Haga

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