The slumbering city of Pompeii

Pompeii is now a dormant city that cowers in the shadow of the active volcano Mount Vesuvius. The once flourishing Roman city was an important place for many affluent businessmen, who aimed to make a small fortune in the thriving city. But, one fatal day lead to a whole civilisation wiped out and many people fleeing from their homes, all because of a seemingly harmless volcano that had stood for thousands of years without erupting. Now people travel from all over the world to look at this perfectly preserved piece of history. It’s as if the whole city is frozen in time, and if you look hard enough you may even meet one of the original residents.

Art in Pompeii

The eruption of Mount Vesuvius buried many of the inhabitants and the entire city under tonnes of ash and molten lava. The entire city was lost for 1500 years until it was rediscovered in 1599. Excavating Pompeii took centuries and during the process, archaeologists¬†found the remains of several people who had unfortunately died in the blast and used a plaster mould to see how each person looked and positioned themselves when the final moment came. Today these specimens are still on display for the public to see and it’s amazing how much detail is visible, even after hundreds of thousands of years after the initial eruption.

Angels in Pompeii

Pompeii resides near modern-day Naples, a place with its own fascinating history and culture. But, Pompeii has become a dormant city. The effects of the volcano still visible even today, but this hasn’t stopped people in their thousands coming to visit Pompeii every year. As you walk around you are soon introduced to a culture that most of us have read about in dry textbooks, and it becomes clear Pompeii is a piece of history frozen in time for the world to see.

A face in Pompeii

This is the perfect place for anyone interested in Italy’s fascinating¬†history. You could spend hours exploring the city, and Pompeii is the closest thing to time travel available in modern-day culture. But, prepare¬†for a long day, with a lot of walking on somewhat uncomfortable roads. Whoever said time travel was easy?


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