When summer sleeps in the UK

The shortest day has passed in the UK and although winter is officially upon us we’ll soon start to see the evenings lighten, which means many of us will be slapping on the suncream and heading to the beach. Anyone from the UK will have fond memories of candy floss, pebble beaches, fish and chips in the drizzly wind, rickety fairground rides and painful sunburn, such heart-warming days in the British summer. But, what happens to the coastal towns when those dark nights engulf the days and bitter winds chill you to the bone?  So, the big question is what happens when summertime sleeps in the UK?

We took it upon ourselves to see what the coastal towns of the UK are like by visiting one of the most popular; Norfolk. It was as we feared peeling paint, dormant rides and shuttered shops, it could have been something from a zombie film.

But, there were still those who ventured to the coast wrapped in woollen hat, scarf and gloves, some to take their dogs for a walk, others making their way to the local pub and those who just love the sea regardless of what time of year it is. There were also small business owners who decided to open up shop and sell their candy floss and toffee in the same manner you’d expect to find in summer.

So, if you’d like to experience a side of the UK normally seen by locals then wrap up warm, make your way to the coastal towns like Norfolk and you’ll soon find those who have spent their life living by the laws of the ocean. But, be advised thermal underwear and a thick coat is strongly advised for braving the harsh weather and finding out what happens when summer sleeps in the UK.

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