Barcelona’s urban art movement

Street art is becoming an essential part of urban life, it’s something we’ve discussed before, on Travel Antics, after a trip to the Banksy museum in Amsterdam, the fact is we can’t get enough of it. Some may consider it breathtaking, while others find it ruins the classic architecture of major cities. But, Barcelona has conceived of an original idea to make sure their streets remain full of beauty and embrace this metropolitan art movement. On the shutters of shops, on the sides of buildings, there are imaginative, vivid pieces of artwork, inviting you inside.

The city is alive with vibrancy. Since the rise of famous street artists like Banksy and Shepard Fairey, many of us have become proud connoisseurs of the urban art movement, and Barcelona is the place to explore the love of controversial and vivid art. Sprayed on the side of towering buildings and on security shutters you’ll find stunning images of vibrant, post-apocalyptic scenes, or a huge tortoise with a purple shell lying on its shell, scrabbling to get up.

Although Barcelona is famed for its unique architecture, the street art steals the show. Particularly as the capital city of Catalonia is home to some world-renowned urban artists, including Debens who often uses bold and clashing colours to create unforgettable murals and up-and-coming Aryz who creates massive, striking images that hold a deeper meaning to the usual pretty pictures, on buildings throughout the city and he’s slowly rising to world fame.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know your Banksy from your Morley it’s easy to find a deep appreciation of an art movement that’s taking the world by storm and Barcelona will flame a burning passion or help you to discover a new love for metropolitan artwork.

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