It’s time to celebrate the women of the world!

It may seem like a bleak time to be a woman, Donald Trump is the President of America  and makes no secret of his sexist agenda, while all over the globe women are suffering at the hands of small-minded individuals. But, in the world of travel, women dominate. Some of the best bloggers, writers and independent travellers belong to the fairer sex, they’ve decided to leave behind all stereotypes and define themselves as explorers, writers, artists, photographers and adventurers. The world may still be a male dominated place, but women are carving their own identities. 

Older woman with camera  I am someone who has spent her whole life interested in the struggle of women and the strength it took to turn around and say ‘I am not happy with the way my gender is treated. I must do something about it.’ I’ve spent years reading about the struggles of the suffragettes and the starvation and mistreatment it took to achieve the women’s right to vote in the UK.

Every feminist group that’s taken place, from the equal rights movements of the 60s, 70s and 80s, to the women’s marches, which took place all over the world, a few months ago makes me proud to call myself a feminist, even though many consider it a dirty word.

Woman with graffiti and colour

That’s why, to celebrate Women’s Day, I’m going to remember those who have made the world such a magnificent place, from the writers, activists, to the mothers, wives, career women and everyone in the middle. It’s time to praise the women of the world and remember those who are doing all they can to better the world we live in. 

University woman

Travel Antics is celebrating a week of women and we’re asking you to do the same, no matter what gender you belong to, there’s no doubt there’s a woman in your life who makes your world a little brighter.

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