Toulouse at a glance

Toulouse at a glance

Toulouse, a city with an enigmatic history, dating back as far as the Roman era. A city known for its vibrant colour scheme, laid-back attitude to life and glorious sunshine. Ryanair now offers flights to the French city for as little as £23.99 return, you’d be a fool not to venture to this striking metropolis, even if it’s just for a night.

A glimpse of daily life:

Toulouse is an addictive city, once you step from the plane and glimpse its romantic beauty, you’ll find it difficult to tear your eyes from the ochre rooftops and blushing brickwork. It may be France’s fourth largest city, but it’s a far cry from the over-populated world of Paris. Most people seem to enjoy a slower paced life than in most metropolitan areas and the swelteringly hot weather makes it almost impossible to rush around. In Toulouse, life is about taking in the subtle beauty of your surroundings and you can’t do that while you’re in a rush.

Street in Toulouse


Frogs legs, snails, foie gras french food is synonymous for it’s odd and sometimes disgusting ingredients, but Toulouse has its own style of cuisine. Many people hear the about the southern French city and most people think about famous Toulouse sausage. As well as the slow-cooked stew, cassoulet.

Toulouse sausage


Epic Napoleonic battles, Occitan literary, crusaders, black death and the hundred year war, Toulouse has a long and sometimes bloody history. If you’re a fan of a long and tumultuous past, Toulouse is the place for you, with a past spanning back as far as the 2nd century BC. You’ll find many historical monuments to mark some of the most significant moments in Toulouse. If you love to glimpse into a turbulent history, this is the city for you!

History in Toulouse


Toulouse brags of a seamless public transport system and whether you want to jump on the underground for a few stops, or take the tram from the airport to the city centre, you’ll find a practically flawless transportation system. It’s very easy to figure out where you need to go and how to get there. Just jump on the train, underground, tram or bus and put your ticket into the machine and your off.

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Public transport in Toulouse

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