London to Tokyo: The truth about travel

I once created Travel Antics as an average travel blog, an outlet to explore a divine wanderlust that I felt, a desperation to escape from the confines of daily life and discover the vast world, filled to the brim with possibilities. I’ve had the luxury of travelling to cities I’ve always dreamed of; Venice, Tokyo and Barcelona and I’ve loved every second of it. But, after dreaming and reading of adventures from writers like Elizabeth Gilbert whose crusade of exploration lead to eventual self-discovery, I realised one thing; it’s all bollox.

I’ll explain a little more. Dreaming of adventure and new places is all well and good, but there’s one thing I fell in love with more than the Mona Lisa, or the Tokyo Tower; people. Regardless of if you travel to the ends of the Earth or just to the end of the road, it’s the people you meet along the way who make the world the most magnificent place, and all the travellers out there will tell you it isn’t over-crowded tourist attractions that you remember after you return, it’s all those people from every corner of the world, whether they are a small toothless man from Cambodia, a CEO of a major corporation, a wacky character in bright clothes dancing on the streets of Paris, the local bartender who has a smile for anyone who walks through the door, or just someone working to make the world a slightly better place, it doesn’t matter you are the people who make travel as amazing as it can possibly be.

I remember once talking to a woman in Japan at an information point in Tokyo. We chatted a while and she asked me where I am from, I told her London and she told me I was incredibly lucky to spend all my time there. She said she’d love to visit Abbey Road because of her love for the Beatles. I laughed at the irony. I’d spent most of my life dreaming of visiting her home city and seeing the home of anime for myself.

For this reason and many more I’ve decided to dedicate Travel Antics not only to my love of travel but primarily to the people of the world. Very soon there will be a digital magazine for you to read about all the people you could meet on your next adventure, from matchmakers in London to coffee makers in Phuket and beyond. And this blog will also start to feature more people from around the world and the stories they have to tell, so stay tuned. It’s all coming your way very soon.

And let’s face facts, the world is brimming with stories of reasons to fear those from different cultures and countries, wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to read about the things that make us all the same… rather than focusing on the things that rip us apart. I think so!

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