The many faces of Toulouse: Local people in the pink city

Toulouse may be France’s fourth largest city, but its rustic charm and blushing brickwork make you feel as if you’re walking amongst the quaint beauty of a small village. But as striking as the buildings, historic landmarks and regal city centre may be, it’s the people that add depth and personality to the city. One weekend of wandering around armed with a camera and a general sense of exploration made me eager to capture the locals and the city they call home. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been to Toulouse 100 times or if it’s on your list, these people will have you desperate to jump on a plane and visit their native land.

Now and then

The history of Toulouse can be traced as far back as 8th Century BC. If you’re a fan of the Ancient world then you may be interested to know that Toulouse was under the command of Ancient Rome. It fell during the conquest of Gaul led by the famed Julius Caesar. As time went by Toulouse was ruled by many power-hungry men.

Today the streets are lined with gear-heads taking their beloved motorcycles on a tour of the romantic city, jugglers practising their craft in the Jardin Raymond VI and quaint shops brimming with mouthwatering chocolates and finely crafted wines. But there’s also the individuals you think only exist in romantic films, like the man challenging people to a game of chess, or the bearded man dressed in white, trying to promote a zen way of life. You’ll find big personalities, beaming characters, market stool vendors, smartly dressed businessmen and students in ripped skinny jeans. It’s a place to meet people and to just watch the world go by.

It’s difficult to find something not to love in Toulouse, especially if you’re a fan of people watching!

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