Goodbye 2017 – You bitch!

Goodbye 2017
You may have noticed things have been a little quiet here at Travel Antics. Well, I’m not going to lie to you 2017 hasn’t been the kindest year. Not only on a professional level but personally too. From deaths to breakdowns to being fired. To put it simply it’s been a complete shit show that has finally come to an end.

Not only that but some of the most significant events in recent history have happened in the past twelve months and let’s face facts they’ve been awful. We’ve endured the end of the Obama administration and witnessed the beginning of the Trump era. The UK (my home) decided to leave the EU and venture out on its own, potentially condemning future generations to an uncertain and rocky future. Every day a new Hollywood favourite has been exposed as a sexual predator.

But never fear 2017 is behind us and although it’s been a rocky road Travel Antics will rise from the ashes and continue, stronger than ever. By the end of January, the new Travel Antics magazine will be available and you will be meeting some astounding people from the far reaches exotic Africa to the bustling city of Cincinnati.

The launch date will be the 30th January and don’t worry in that time I will be updating this blog. Travel Antics is back and better than ever! Sometimes all you need is a break to come back stronger than ever! So keep the date in your minds, Travel Antics is back. I would say it’s a resolution, but who sticks to their resolutions really?

And don’t forget if you’ve met anyone on your adventures, or you have a photo of someone in their natural habitat, in any country around the world who you believe the world should meet, then get in contact at For more information on working with Travel Antics visit the ‘Write for the magazine’ page and you could have a link to your professional website, with your name and picture in the byline.

Happy New Year everyone. May 2018 be less of a bitch than last year and bring you everything you could hope and dream.

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