The many faces of Naples

Italy is famed for its extravagance and larger-than-life personalities, this can be seen clearly in the daily activities of the bustling city of Naples. The booming Barista with the smoothest coffee for miles around, to the group of stylish women,

Escape from reality in Gothenburg

Every year people from all over the world flock to Sweden to partake in its natural beauty and famous meatballs, and with Ryanair offering flights for as little as £18 return, it seems foolish not to go. As with many

The Bicycles of Amsterdam

If you’re lucky enough to explore the unique mix of modern urban culture and rich history that Amsterdam has to offer, then you will witness first hand the sheer madness of bicycles and their riders. They appear from all angles and you soon find

The faces of happiness

I bet you didn’t know that you could learn all you need to experience true happiness in a well-maintained, skinless corpse? But it’s true. One of the top attractions to see in Amsterdam is the Body Worlds museum: a project in