Barcelona’s urban art movement

Street art is becoming an essential part of urban life, it’s something we’ve discussed before, on Travel Antics, after a trip to the Banksy museum in Amsterdam, the fact is we can’t get enough of it. Some may consider it

When summer sleeps in the UK

The shortest day has passed in the UK and although winter is officially upon us we’ll soon start to see the evenings lighten, which means many of us will be slapping on the suncream and heading to the beach. Anyone

The slumbering city of Pompeii

Pompeii is now a dormant city that cowers in the shadow of the active volcano Mount Vesuvius. The once flourishing Roman city was an important place for many affluent businessmen, who aimed to make a small fortune in the thriving

Change the world with street art

There was a point when art changed the world, from photographers like Dorothea Lange, whose 1939 photograph of The Migrant Mother helped end a depression or Van Gogh’s starry night, which highlighted that a person’s troubled mind can be used