Past issues of the magazine

Fancy downloading some classic issues of the Travel Antics magazine? Well, you’re in luck here is all the past issues of the Travel Antics magazine ready and waiting for you to download and enjoy again and again. Plus, they’re all completely¬†free. It literally won’t cost you a penny. So go ahead and enjoy every episode of the Travel Antics magazine and take a look at the world through the eyes of the people who know it best.

Issue 3

Travel Antics is brimming with so many images and interviews of those strong and beautiful women of India.

So, dive in and see India through the eyes of the women who have slept on its streets and lived amongst its poorest people.

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Issue 2

This week we have photography from all over the world, from India to Italy and beyond. As well as interviews with a matchmaker from London, a yoga instructor who climbed Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro and a woman in Serbia helping prisoners in a fractured system.

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Issue 1

Travel Antics magazine

Inside this issue, you’ll discover snippets of local life from Travel Photographers and you’ll meet a woman with a music-themed hotel in Cincinnati, a man in Phuket leading the way in the fresh coffee movement and someone who wants to introduce you to the wild world of Africa.