The magic of Shinjuku


Some consider Shinjuku to be an assault on the senses, while others see it as a feast for the eyes. But, one thing is certain you’ll never be bored in this part of Tokyo. Bright, neon lights will bathe you in an urban glow with an array of mind-blowing sites to discover from giant female robots to huge Godzilla heads, peaking around the corner of buildings. It’s an iconic part of Tokyo that truly comes alive at night, with a constant buzz of activity that lasts well into the early hours of the morning.


Here are 5 facts about this staggering part of Tokyo that’ll tempt even the most reluctant travellers to jump on the next flight to explore everything Shinjuku has to offer.

  1. Shinjuku is a central ward of Tokyo (a ward is similar to a London Borough.) It’s known as the metropolis’ second centre.shinjuku7
  2. East Shinjuku is home to one of Tokyo’s most notorious red light district named Kabukicho. The district is home to fetish bars, love hotels, peep shows and cabarets all of which operate on the fringes of the prostitution laws in Japan.shinjuku2
  3. The Golden Gai is a part of Tokyo that has survived urbanisation and is styled with narrow, wooden buildings where you can find small bars that seat no more than a dozen patriots. The Golden Gai was once used as a post-WWII black market.shinjuku3
  4. Over 3 million people pass through the disorientating Shinjuku station a day. Making this one of the easiest train stations to get lost in.shinjuku1
  5. Shinjuku is home to the nation’s largest gay district called Shinjuku-nichome.

How to get there:

So once you have taken your exhausting flight into Haneda airport you can take trains on the Keikyu and Yamanote lines, changing at Shinagawa (45 minutes, ¥590.) Limousine buses also run on this route (50 minutes, ¥1200.)


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