Local of the week: Amsterdam

Sometimes you meet those who have a certain set of skills that both stun and amaze you. They tend to stick in your mind and you often find yourself thinking about them on a lazy Sunday afternoon, when work is looming. This is just one of those particularly wonderful people I found on the streets of Amsterdam:

It’s no secret that performing is nerve racking, especially for someone who has a crippling fear of public speaking (me). But, the idea of performing to an audience in the middle of a circle of people by yourself, whilst wearing nothing from the waist up except a leather waistcoat, with pierced nipples – well that takes some real guts.

But, on a bright, sunny day, in the centre of Dam Square stood a man doing just that, as he treated a group of surprised tourists to an unforgettable performance, showing off his unique talent for extortion by bending into uncomfortable positions. But, this was just the start. He then added fiery whips, sword swallowing and balancing glasses on a knife’s edge in his mouth. The whole show is a treat for the eyes and it’ll give all those strange Youtube videos a run for their money.

Throughout the performance, he proudly let the congregation in on his globe-trotting exploits as the Australian performer explained how he had dazzled Londoners with the same act a few weeks before. He also gave the crowd a glimpse into the difference between a British audience and those from the Netherlands. Apparently us ‘Brits’ are not that much of an interactive group, whereas those from the Netherlands are interested in the gorier side of his performances.

I have a personal love of street artists and this is one that will stick in my mind for a very long time. If you get the chance go and see him- do it!

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