The many faces of urban style in Barcelona

Barcelona; an urban city with a stylish edge. A place of exceeding beauty and fun with a laid back approach to life. Barcelona may be thought of as another city in Spain, but Catalonia’s capital has proven it stands in no one’s shadow and it’s easy to see why Barcelona is a one-of-a-kind city, with a population of people who are able to match such a fascinating place.

From the moment you step off the plane, to the first time you tuck into mouth-watering paella and explore the wonders of Park Guell it becomes abundantly clear, the locals of Barcelona love their city. They embrace all their cultural heritage and wear it as a badge of pride, with beautifully, unusual architecture and a colourful, urban art movement, which decorates the looming buildings in the city centre and promotes local businesses. Although the locals are often misunderstood, at times as exceedingly rude, this is far from the case. In fact, their attitude to life, in general, can be explained through a glimpse of the city’s history and culture dating back over 2000 years. Here are just a few of the friendly faces you could meet on your next visit to Barcelona:

Relaxing in Jardins de Rubió i Lluch

Kick back and relax at the Jardins de Rubió i Lluch. A place to rest your weary feet and take in the beauty of more conventional architecture, or marvel at the beautiful orange trees leading to a trickling fountain at the centre. This guy definitely enjoys the park’s laid back attitude.

Music in Park Guell

A relaxing day exploring the wonders of Park Guell wouldn’t be complete without listening to some traditional music. This man offered the perfect accompaniment to a first-timers experience in the strikingly beautiful Park Guell.


This man will give you the means to make some new feathered friends in the Plaça de Catalunya, where you’ll find a sea of brazen pigeons waiting to meet you and feed from your hands.

This girl was just one of his many patrons and just look at all the friends she has made.

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