Stop the Selfish Selfies

Tiger selfish selfie

The world is a spectacular place, from the sun-drenched beaches of Thailand to the brisk, unspoilt landscape of the North Pole and everything in between. Many of us dream of exploring every subtle nuance during those grey and monotonous days. Those who are lucky enough to spend their days bathing in magnificent destinations already know the excitement of the world around them and many have taken to documenting their travels in a variety of selfies, plastered all over their social media accounts. Every day new pictures of beautifully bronzed twenty-somethings standing next to exotic wildlife and in remote places appear on Instagram, coaxing people to like, comment and share. But, are this seemingly innocuous images as innocent as we originally thought?  It’s time to sit down and reevaluate selfies, particularly as a new trend is starting to emerge, putting wildlife at risk and this trend is growing fast. It’s something I like to call the ‘selfish selfie.’

What is a selfish selfie?

As I was gradually perusing various sites on the Internet I soon stumbled across a truly distressing article. It discussed a group of tourists in Argentina enjoying a boat ride around South America, until they spot a bottle nosed dolphin and dragged it from the sea to take pictures with the animal, until it died on deck. I have no doubt this story shocks the majority of you. But, if you think this is a lone incident, you’re unfortunately mistaken, every year people travel to Thailand’s tiger park, where these graceful animals are chained up and poked for the entertainment of tourists, one man dragged a shark from the ocean to take photos with it, a group of tourists in China grabbed a peacock and plucked its feathers literally scaring it to death. No doubt there are hundreds more examples, a simple Google search will provide plenty of examples of brutality, all in the name of a selfish selfie.

Peacock selfie

How do we stop the selfish selfies?

Most of us are animal lovers and these stories are distressing at best. There’s no way to stop the stupidity of mankind, all we can do is refrain from joining in with these unnecessary, brutal examples of vanity, remove any pictures of you with wild animals, condemn any establishment that condones such behaviour and do all you can to stop anyone you see partaking in this kind of brutality. Maybe, that will stop all forms of selfish selfies and we can go on enjoying all the wonders of the world, and relish in all it has to offer, without disturbing those that live here. 

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