The many faces of London street performers

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London; a city for a prince, a pauper and everyone in between. Every borough of offers a home for all of us, from the financiers of Canary Wharf to the colourful bohemians of Soho. But today is the day we take a look at those creative souls who line Southbank, flock to Convent Garden and backflip in Trafalgar Square, the buskers. Not only do they entertain us with their quirky talents, but they fascinate and amaze us. Here are just a few of the faces you could see as you wander around the capital city of England.

Quick Tip:

The best time to see buskers is during the summer, especially along London Southbank, dotted along the Thames you’ll find a variety of street food to chomp on while the performers entertain you.

What is busking in London? 

Street performers or buskers are a staple part of London life, in fact, a company called ‘Busk in London’ launched in 2015 by the Mayor of London to encourage landowners to open their proverbial doors and let buskers ply their trade in as many areas in London as possible. The aim is to make the capital of England the most busker friendly city in the world.   

The art of live street performance has been around for centuries. Before the days of Apple music, iPods, Spotify and Youtube, people would take to the streets with their wit, talent and skill, while masterfully playing their instruments. The better the musician, the bigger the crowd. It may have started with musicians, but over the years jugglers, fire breathers, magicians and more have taken to the streets to perform their many talents. In fact, many modern-day stars found fame on the streets of London, like Simon and Garfunkel and Eric Clapton.

But it’s not as simple as turning up with an amp and stilts and performing. Many boroughs ask for a permit from buskers, it’s thought this will improve the standards of performers.

Banner for the new Travel Antics magazine

Where can I find these quirky souls, I must see these people immediately…

We hear you. Don’t forget there are a number of busker-friendly spots all over London, however, London South Bank is a particular favourite, and there’s a whole host of things to do to keep yourself entertained for hours. You can find it along the River Thames and opposite the Houses of Parliament.

Just hop on one of these underground stops and you’ll be there in no time. Plus each offers a scenic walk of a particularly beautiful part of London.

  • Waterloo (Jubilee, Northern, Bakerloo lines).
  • Westminster (Jubilee, Circle and District lines).
  • Embankment (Bakerloo, Circle, District and Northern lines).
  • London Bridge (Jubilee and Northern lines).
  • Southwark (Jubilee line).
  • Borough (Northern line).

Hope you have fun!

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