ISSUE 3 is now here!

It may seem like Travel Antics has disappeared into the ether, but that’s not the case. After taking a slightly longer than planned break to deal with some personal and professional issues I’m proud today we are back and better than ever. And to kick things off we’re offering a free issue of one of the most fascinating issues we’ve ever had the pleasure to produce. It may have been released in July, but these stories of strong and powerful women who have overcome unimaginable odds and gone onto become such great people.

India itself has seen a significant change in attitudes to gender equality. After the shocking rape of Jyoti Singh on a bus five years ago, the world began to awake to the true horrors that come from being a woman in some parts of India. But since that time India has embraced its feminine counterpart and witnessed the first all-women police station near Delhi, while a strong feminist movement continues to debate the daily struggles of women across the country. This issue pays homage to all the women who continue to fight for a better life in India.

Through all the ups and downs that have come with starting your own magazine, this issue has been a shining beacon on the horizon and I’ve had the great fortune to work with some extremely talented photographers and writers.

As always in classic Travel Antics fashion, we’ll take a look at the people who have made this issue possible.


Charu of Muskaan:

What seems like an age ago Charu contacted me with some of the most fascinating stories I’ve ever had the opportunity to read and she made me remember why I do this.

Charu is the co-founder of The MAD Experience, an organisation working on creating social impact through the implementation of poverty alleviation projects in Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

She has been working in the social sector for over 7 years and most recently spent a year working closely with marginalised informal settlers in Bhopal, India on issues of education, identity and livelihood. She’s an avid traveller and writes when she finds a good story to tell.


Jill Dobbe:

Jill is an international educator, travel writer, amateur photographer, and published author of two travel memoirs, who writes about her experiences living and working in schools and countries around the world.

Shirley Piccarreto:

She is a, Certified Yoga Instructor, Amazon best-selling author, Travel Writer/ Photographer, owner of Tales of Two Travelers and Wanderer of the World.

Lauren Stewart:

A self-taught freelance photographer from the United States. Her work focuses
on making cross-cultural connections by showing the daily life of different cultures across the world.

Hailey Sexton:

Hailey is the author of her blog Mentor Travel, which is where you go to get expert travel advice. She currently lives in Thailand teaching and spends her holidays travelling throughout Asia with her girlfriend.

So what are you doing? These talented folk brought you one of the most memorable issues of the magazine and you can download the issue, for free here.

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