The many faces of London’s Camden

The topic of Camden’s punk past is one we’ve already covered here at Travel Antics. But, in our usual fashion, we’ve decided to take a look at those people you’ll find selling vintage vinyls, or glittering fashion accessories in the local market. Or the street vendors proudly preparing dishes, lovingly crafted and designed to take your taste buds on a trip around the world. These are the people who make this legendary punk paradise what it is today and you may be surprised to know most of them aren’t sporting a mohawk or crammed into ripped skinny jeans. Camden is made up of a wealth of people from all different walks of life and although it may seem like a bourgeois hipster paradise on the surface, underneath beats the same rebellious rock n roll heart we’ve all come to know and love. Here are just a few of the faces you could be meeting on your next trip to Camden.

So, now you’ve seen and learned a little of what Camden has to offer. You can now follow in the legendary footsteps of famous Camdenites Amy Winehouse and Sylvia Plath as you wander around the lucid and colourful shopfronts. Be prepared for giant dragons twisting its body around shop fronts. Or eloquent street art lovingly painted on the side of bare bricked buildings. Even the food is unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else. The most recent culinary craze to grace Camden’s already renowned food scene is a roadkill butcher and grill. That’s right, the proprietors describe themselves as an ethical and sustainable butcher. You can find it in the Stables market.

Camden is without a doubt one of the most animated and unlikely places you’ll find in the city of London. But one trip to the capital city wouldn’t be complete without a drink along one of the canals while you enjoy a spot of people watching and enjoy all the colourful characters Camden has to offer.

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