London vs Tokyo: The Cat Cafe battle

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash There’s a relatively new craze gracing the streets of some of the finest cities in the world; animal themed cafes. You can chow down on sweet waffles, while frolicking with fluffy lambs, at ‘Thanks Nature Cafe‘ in

The Wonders of Asakusa

A visit to Tokyo wouldn’t be complete without a ‘selfie’ underneath the lantern in the Sensō-ji temple, in Asakusa. But, there is a whole history around this vibrant Buddhist temple and tourist hot spot that you may know nothing about,

A trip to Hakone

Hakone is a picturesque paradise, 2 hours outside of bustling Tokyo. It’s rural, quiet and famous for it’s natural hot springs and crystal clear view of mount Fuji, poking its head above white clouds and surrounding greenery. Here are 5

The magic of Shinjuku

Some consider Shinjuku to be an assault on the senses, while others see it as a feast for the eyes. But, one thing is certain you’ll never be bored in this part of Tokyo. Bright, neon lights will bathe you